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What should I do with yard waste?

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Chatham County operates three drop-off centers for the disposal of dry trash, bulty items, furnture, applicances, and yard waste:

  • Sharon Park Landfill located on Kelly Hill Road (off U.S. Highway 80, 0.5 miles west of Chatham Parkway)
  • Chevis Road Landfill (off U.S. Highway 17, south of Keller’s Flea Market)
  • Wilmington Island Landfill (off Concorde Road)

These facilities are supported by Chatham County property taxes and are available at no additional charge. For additional information on these Chatham County facilities or Chatham County solid waste collection services and bulky item collection schedule, please contact Chatham County Public Works at 652-6840.

Updated 6/24/2020 4:11 PM
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